Like it or not your child is going to fall down. Kids run, jump, play, explore, and in the midst of of all of this they fall every now and then. Exercise is important for kids and the answer to them not getting hurt is NOT to take away their valuable playtime outside. The answer also is NOT wrap them up in bubble wrap and be a helicopter parent (although we know some of you really like that idea.) No, the answer isn’t taking away the falling. It lies within fixing what they’re falling on. 

“Children are going to fall down, scape a knee, and get a bruise here or there. We can’t take away their adventure… so let us do everything we can to improve what they are falling on.”

Sof’Fall is committed to helping provide safe playgrounds for our children so that they can still enjoy being outside, with all the falls that come with that.


Falling down is part of childhood. Sof’Fall wants to be there to catch our kids when they fall. Not if they fall, but when. Our engineered wood fibers can provide the safest area for you children to play (and fall.)

Safe Playground Surfacing

One our biggest goals can be summed up in three words: safe playground surfacing. Sof’Falls engineered wood fibers are one of the absolute safest options when it comes to playground surfacing. Sof’Fall has a 25 foot fall protection, the gold standard when it comes to playground safety. Having Sof’Fall there to catch your child when they fall is one of the best ways to minimize the damage that can be cause by an accident on the playground.

Landing on a soft surface

We work hard at Sof’Fall to make playgrounds as safe as we can. Their are so many benefits for children when it comes to playing outside that we cannot afford for parents to give up on the idea of taking their kids to a playground. By having the right, soft playground surface you can feel good about your playing on your local park. With Sof’fall, compaction of your playground surface is very important. When these standards are followed the way they should, they offer a great and safe place for children to play. 

When a child lands on Sof’Fall it doesn’t mean that they will stand up giggling and smiling. What it does mean is that when they fall they have a much better chance of getting back up unharmed. On top of this, Sof’Fall is a non-toxic playground surface that is made from recycled materials. It is a win for the enviorment, a win for the parents and most important of all, it is a win for the children. 



We've been catching children when they fall for over 27 Years

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