Compaction happens naturally over the life and use of your Sof’Fall product. Composed of crushed wood surfacing, Sof’Fall comes from new wood that has been modified for this specific purpose. Because the wood is not kiln dried, it retains water. This makes the final material softer and causes it to act as a cushion. As you understand your Sof’Fall material and what compaction is and how to deal with it, it will prove very beneficial when compared to the neglecting these actions

While compaction entails a lot it essentially means that the Sof’Fall is no longer as effective as it was on the day that it was first installed. This is due to loss of material and compacting down the material still there. This is no cause for alarm because this is normal of most products. Through normal wear and tear things just aren’t the same as when they are brand new. 

“Planning for compaction of your of Sof’Fall and taking appropriate action will lead to immediate safety for our children and long term savings for your playground.”

When the amount of Sof’Fall drops below certain levels the Play Protection Warranty is no longer valid. Be familiarized with your warranty plan to make sure you never drop below that level. 

Calculating For Sof’Fall Installation

Installing Sof’Fall on any playground requires attention to detail but will certainly pay dividends. When considering the area you would like to fill, consider two calculations. Consider the needed square footage. Then, add in 30% more for compaction when calculating your total amount. Do this by dividing your square footage by .2025. This calculation will give you the number of cubic yards that you need when taking into account compaction.

Maintenance and Care

One thing to remember is that anytime the fill level drops below the fill line the Play Protection Plan Warranty is no longer active. So, being aware of factors that can cause compaction is important.

  • Be aware of a large fill area. More edges mean more fill gets tracked off the playground.
  • Weather, wind, and rain can cause shift and compaction.
  • Watch  high-traffic parks with care. Frequently used playgrounds require fills more often.
  • Know that mixing playground soft surfaces with Sof’Fall can also void your warranty.
  • As seen in Salt Lake City’s parks system, ADA compliance easily leads to compliance with your Sof’Fall warranty. Learn to stabilize surfaces to be slip resistant. Make the width between gates a least three feet wide.

Sof’fall Safety

Having a safe place to play comes down to two realities. They are a well-designed environment and safe playground material. Sof’Fall and Sof’Bounce compliment that by design. They are manufactured with high-quality concern to safety and preservation.

With Sof’Fall the inherent cost comes from using virgin wood. The long term protection is in not using recycled wood products. Frequently filled with insecticides and arsenic compounds, these wood by-products are not able to claim to be toxic free.

As you plan for your park make sure you keep compaction in mind. It is important for the safety of the children who will be playing there. Review the material of the Sof’Fall Warranty to know how often you will need to top off your playground surface. Being on top of these things will save you money in the long run and provide a safe place to play both now and in the future.



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