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Sof’Bounce – Catching kids when they fall for 27 years and counting!

Playground Safety Surface
When Amelia isn’t practicing her times tables, she’s at the playground boldly going where no kid has gone before. Luckily, when her giant leaps for mankind turn into falls, Sof’Bounce Engineered Rubber is there to catch her. With up to 13’ of fall protection, Amelia can shoot for the stars. Whatever she dreams up, we’ll be there to cushion the fall.

Sof’Bounce Overview

Composed of 100% recycled tires, Sof’Bounce is both safe and environmentally friendly. It comes in multiple natural colors and requires little maintenance. When you use Sof’Bounce Engineered Rubber surfacing you can be assured that your playground surface is both compliant with national safety standards (ASTM F1292) and environmentally responsible.

Each year 281 million scrap tires are generated. Of those 281 million tires 11 percent or 33 million were processed into ground rubber, for various purposes including playground & landscape materials. Of that 33 million 26% or 8.5 million will be used for sports surfacing, playgrounds & landscaping surfacing, this means that every time you purchase Sof’Bounce you are saving the environment by keeping tires out of the landfill!

Perfect combinations surface for all play areas.

System Features:


Clean, colorfast, dust free


Won't cause scrapes or splinters


Non-abrasive play surface


Easy self installation


Long-lasting, doesn't decompose


Requires little maintenance


5 different color options


Works great for landscaping projects



Fall protection up to 13 feet.


50 year warranty


IPEMA certified


ada accessible in conjunction with sof'path


100% recycled tire rubber




99.9% steel free


Liability Insurance: $10 Million

Sof’Bounce Colors




Mocha Brown

Cedar Red

Sof’Bounce is the natural choice for landscape mulch.

If you’re looking for an alternative to landscape wood mulch or pea gravel and lava rock, Sof’Bounce is a great alternative. Sof’Bounce allows you to mulch once, safely and effectively. You will be saving money because it lasts a lifetime. A great alternative to replenishing and replacing the typical ground cover. Sof’Bounce doesn’t decay, sink into the ground or blow away.

Next year, when everyone else is spending their time and money replenishing, the Sof’Bounce in your yard and flowerbeds will still look great. Available in a variety of designer colors, Sof’Bounce also enhances your landscaping appearance. 

Benefits include:
• Doesn’t Blow Away
• Doesn’t Decay
• Doesn’t Sink into the Ground
• Doesn’t Feed on House Insects
• No Odor/ Non-toxic
• Impedes Weed Growth
• Water and Nutrients Permeate
• Safe for Flowers, Plants and Pets

We've been catching children when they fall for over 27 Years

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Sof’Bounce FAQs

How much Sof’Bounce™ do I need?

The amount of Sof’Bounce™ will depend on the size and critical fall heights of your play equipment. Consult with your equipment providers to determine your specific needs.

Sof’Bounce™ requires a compacted 4” for fall heights 6’ and under, and a compacted 6” for fall heights 13’ and under. For any area requiring between 14’-25’ fall heights, 12” of compacted Sof’Bounce™ is required.

If Sof’Bounce™ is used over asphalt or concrete a minimum 12” of surfacing is required regardless of the equipment’s fall heights.

Sof’Solutions™ does not recommend using less than 4” over any surface.

Will Sof’Bounce™ attract insects?

No! Generally, insects of all kinds do not breed in Sof’Bounce™. Our product is ideal around homes and other structures where termites may cause serious damage.

Is Sof’Bounce flammable?

Scrap tire material is considered non –flammable based on test results from 1995 in accordance with the Federal Hazardous Substance Act (16 CFR 1500.44).

Does it smell like tires?

Initially after installation Sof’Bounce™ will have a slight rubber smell; this smell will dissipate shortly after installation.

What is Sof’Bounce made from?

Sof’Bounce™ is a recycled product made from 100% recycled tires specifically for use under and around playgrounds.

Is Sof’Bounce free of steel?

Yes! Magnets are used to separate steel from the recycled tire product resulting in a 99.9% steel free product.

Will Sof’Bounce decompose or deteriorate?

No! Due to the product composition of Sof’Bounce™ it is nearly impossible for it to decompose through normal use.

Sof’Solutions™ is so confident in the product longevity that it carries a 50 year product warranty.

Will Sof’Bounce float or blow away?

No! Sof’Bounce™ is heavy enough to withstand weather it will not float or blow away due to weather conditions.

Is Sof’Bounce harmful to animals, plants or humans?

No! Sof’Bounce™ is completely non-toxic and will not leach harmful toxins into the soil. EPA testing indicates rubber compounds are 3 times below the standard for the Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure.

Will the color rub off onto skin or clothing?

No! The coloring used on Sof’Bounce is permanent; therefore it will not rub off on shoes, skin or clothing.


“Sof’Fall is one of the finest playground surfacing products I have ever been associated with. It meets ADA standards, is the best playground surface for fall impact, and is the most cost effective option. It is assuring to know that Sof’Fall carries a great liability insurance policy. For me, however, the best thing is the company’s service and follow-up.”

Larry H.

Englewood, Colorado

Sof’Bounce Material Calculation


4" = 6'
6" = 13'
12" = 25'
*Sof'Bounce minimum depth is 4 inches.

depth conversion

1" = 0.083'
2" = 0.166'
3" = 0.25'
4" = 0.33'
5" = 0.41'
6" = 0.5'
7" = 0.583'
8" = 0.666'
9" = 0.75'
10" = 0.83'
11" = 0.916'
12" = 1'

Sof’Bounce Conversion Chart

To Calculate the material requirements for your site, please follow the conversion steps below:


Playground Area



Cubic Feet



Number of Super Sacks Needed




Your playground dimensions are 30 ft. long by 30 ft. wide which equates to 900 total square feet. Your critical fall height is 12 feet. Identify material depth for 12 ft. fall height on the critical fall height chart and add 2 inches for compaction, equaling 8″ of material required. To calculate cubic feet, multiply 900 sq. ft. by the depth conversion for 8″ of material or .666. Depending on how you would like your Sof’Bounce delivered, divide the cubic feet by the super sack formula. In this example, the playground area requires 8 super sacks (2000 lb).

Sof’Bounce Downloads

Product Specifications Download (774 KB)

Detailed Specifications Download (427 KB)

Sof’Bounce Material Calculation
Download (329 MB)

Sof’Bounce Delivery and Installation Instructions Download (222 KB)

Limited 10-yr. Warranty Download (75 KB)

Owners Manual (784 KB)

We've been catching children when they fall for over 27 Years

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