Why should I choose Sof’Fall over the other engineered wood fiber products?

Because of the Sof’Fall Guarantee, Warranty, and our IPEMA Certification

How can Sof’Fall be nonflammable if it isn’t chemically treated?

Beneath the surface layer of Sof’Fall there is no room for oxygen to fuel a fire.

Can Sof’Fall be installed over a hard surface?

Yes, as long as it adheres to the requirements of ASTM F2075, F1292, F1951, which if installed properly Sof’Fall does.

Why do we need to have at least 8-12 inches of Sof’Fall in our playground?

The depth of Sof’Fall needs to be at the recommended 8 or 12 inch depth for a 8 or 12 foot fall height, to be compliant with the ASTM 1292-04 Standard and to validate the “Sof’Fall Limited Warranty”.

Why is a top off necessary?

Without the recommended depth, Sof’ Fall may not have enough cushion to prevent injuries. CPSC recommends 8’-12” depth to help prevent injuries.

Is drainage necessary?

Depending on your area, it is very important to make sure there is a way to drain excess moisture away from the play area

Why should I use Sof’Fall wood for my playground?

Sof’Fall Engineered-Wood-Fiber is the best choice for safety, budget, and accessibility.

How can I purchase Sof’Fall?

Sof’Fall may be purchased through your local representative. If you do not know who your local representative is, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-523-8690 or 1-801-523-2452.

How is Sof’Fall delivered?

Sof’Fall is shipped on a walking floor semi-trailer that can be up to 70 feet long.

Is drainage necessary?

Drainage may be needed depending on your area, it is very important to make sure there is a way to drain excess moisture away from the play area. Consult your landscape architect for specific drainage requirements, if any.

How much Sof’Bounce™ do I need?

The amount of Sof’Bounce™ will depend on the size and critical fall heights of your play equipment. Consult with your equipment providers to determine your specific needs.

Sof’Bounce™ requires a compacted 4” for fall heights 6’ and under, and a compacted 6” for fall heights 13’ and under. For any area requiring between 14’-25’ fall heights, 12” of compacted Sof’Bounce™ is required.

If Sof’Bounce™ is used over asphalt or concrete a minimum 12” of surfacing is required regardless of the equipment’s fall heights.

Sof’Solutions™ does not recommend using less than 4” over any surface.

Will Sof’Bounce™ attract insects?

No! Generally, insects of all kinds do not breed in Sof’Bounce™. Our product is ideal around homes and other structures where termites may cause serious damage.

Is Sof’Bounce flammable?

Scrap tire material is considered non –flammable based on test results from 1995 in accordance with the Federal Hazardous Substance Act (16 CFR 1500.44).

Does it smell like tires?

Initially after installation Sof’Bounce™ will have a slight rubber smell; this smell will dissipate shortly after installation.

What is Sof’Bounce made from?

Sof’Bounce™ is a recycled product made from 100% recycled tires specifically for use under and around playgrounds.

Is Sof’Bounce free of steel?

Yes! Magnets are used to separate steel from the recycled tire product resulting in a 99.9% steel free product.

Will Sof’Bounce decompose or deteriorate?

No! Due to the product composition of Sof’Bounce™ it is nearly impossible for it to decompose through normal use.

Sof’Solutions™ is so confident in the product longevity that it carries a 50 year product warranty.

Will Sof’Bounce float or blow away?

No! Sof’Bounce™ is heavy enough to withstand weather it will not float or blow away due to weather conditions.

Is Sof’Bounce harmful to animals, plants or humans?

No! Sof’Bounce™ is completely non-toxic and will not leach harmful toxins into the soil. EPA testing indicates rubber compounds are 3 times below the standard for the Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure.

Will the color rub off onto skin or clothing?

No! The coloring used on Sof’Bounce is permanent; therefore it will not rub off on shoes, skin or clothing.