Let Kids Play!

At Sof’Fall we catch ’em when they fall.

Sof’Fall engineered wood fiber and Sof’Bounce engineered rubber surfacing are perfect for playgrounds that require the highest rating for protective surfacing.

We’ve been catching children when they fall for over 27 Years

Kids love to let their imaginations run wild when they go out to play. We say that’s a good thing. We say let kids dream! When they have Sof’Fall surfacing underfoot, they have the world’s safest, most durable, most innovative surfacing available to catch them when they fall.

Sof’Fall Play Surface Products

engineered wood chips

Engineered Wood Fiber

Sof’Fall is an engineered wood fiber surfacing designed specifically for play areas. The wood fiber creates a loose fill surface that “knits” together to form a stable and accessible surface for all children.

Engineered Rubber Surfacing

Composed of 100% recycled tires, Sof’Bounce is both safe and environmentally friendly. It comes in multiple natural colors and requires little maintenance. Sof’Bounce is the perfect combination surface for all play areas.


Sof’Fall, Inc. is dedicated to playground safety, and we continue to provide the highest quality safety surfacing, just like we have for the past 27 years. We do this by working with other industry experts and conducting extensive in-house research, development and testing. Every product we offer is backed by Sof’Falls’ Play Protection Plan and our promise to stand behind every product we offer and everyone who represents us. Our long-standing commitment to our representatives and their customers to provide competitively priced, dependable and certified surfacing is the driving force behind our work.


“The top three things to pay attention to at the playground are surfacing, surfacing, and surfacing.”

– Gary Smith Director of the Center for Injury Research – USA Today.

“Economical, clean, smells great, always in compliance, and an awesome office to work with. If these things are important to you, and I’m sure that they are, you’ll want to work with Sof’Fall. ”

Nicole S.

Provo, Utah

We Serve

City Playgrounds

At the heart of every city is it’s playground. We love to see the community come together to build and support safe playgrounds for children and parents to gather. We’ve teamed up with “KaBoom” to support city playgrounds around the world.

School Playgrounds

Because of Sof’Fall’s commitment to high safety standards and quality product, Sof’Fall Engineered Wood Surface and Sof’Bounce Engineered Rubber Surface are the first choice of schools and preschools across the country.

Backyard Playgrounds

Sof’Fall and Sof’Bounce surface products are ideal for backyard and apartment complex playgrounds. No matter where kids are playing they deserve to play in a safe environment and we help make it that way. We sell direct to the public.

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