You may not realize that the use of rubber mulch and rubber bark in the winter months has numerous benefits. Although using those playground surfacing materials all year long is the most popular and helpful use as they provide a comfortable, springy, and soft cushion when someone falls, in the winter they can also be a boon for your flower bed.

“If you think Sof’Fall engineered wood fibers are only good for soft playground surfacing then you will be amazed when you see how many other uses there are for it.”

You can remove the weeds, lay down weed fabric, and add the rubber. The attractive appearance and mood-influencing sights boost the spirits of those people with the very real seasonal affective disorder.


Sof’Fall has so many other uses outside of being a safe playground surfacing material. There are seemingly countless uses for high quality wood bark.

great uses for rubber bark

Rubber mulch is made from recycled old tires after they are stripped of their metal parts. The mulch and bark are durable, long-lasting, stays in place, won’t decompose or decay over time, do not attract insects and termites, battles mildew and mold, discourages weed germination, does not fade as fast as wood mulch, won’t blow away or float during high winds and heavy rains, allows fertilizer and water to pass through to the soil, is environmentally friendly, and is EPA-approved, IPEMA-certified, non-toxic, and ADA-compliant. It is perfect for playgrounds that require the highest rating for protective surfacing and continues to grow in popularity for a variety of reasons in gardens, landscaping and park projects.

In addition, rubber mulch in the winter requires little maintenance and can last for ten years or more compared to wood mulch, which usually requires replacement every year. Another winter use is to make your bare and slippery walkways and footpaths slip-proof with its beneficial traction to hopefully prevent any accidents from the snow and rain when walking outdoors.

A colorful alternative to add some life

Brighten up the landscape with a choice of beautiful colors in vibrant greens that will create an ongoing “dream” and remembrance of your warm-weather sunny garden. You will feel like you have extended the spring and summer months despite what the weather actually is.

When kids use a playground and eventually take a tumble, the right surface is important to keep the little ones safe and protected against injuries with shredded rubber playground mulch that is safe and resilient rubberized playground flooring.

Rubber mulch is one of the longest-lasting varieties, and more uses include keeping the plants vibrant and healthy, being able to retain moisture and block evaporation, and require only around half the amount of wood mulch, which makes its higher original cost actually cost-effective over time.

Playground surfacing and garden uses in beds of bushes or plants make the rubber alternatives an excellent choice for the many reasons given above, so be sure to check with your garden center, professional landscaping company or construction contractor about all its uses. The recycled rubber of the mulch and rubber bark will not only make for comfort on the playground, which requires the protective surfacing highest rating, but it will also be an attractive addition to your garden and landscape.


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