Playgrounds are not only a place for children to have fun, but it’s also a place to make friends, build a healthy body, and develop good decision-making skills. For that reason, a good playground will engage and challenge children while also keeping them safe.

“To help safeguard kids at play, and lower the chances of serious injury is to install soft playground material under and around the playground equipment.”

Soft playground surface material falls into two categories; permanent rubber-like mats or loose materials such as wood chips or sand. That way, if a child falls off the monkey bars, these softer playground surfaces will make an injury much less likely. On the other hand, hard surfaces such as dirt, gravel, concrete or asphalt make a serious injury, such as a head injury, much more likely.

Buying new playground surfacing material is no small thing. At Sof’Fall we pride ourselves on the safety of our Engineered Wood Fibers which is the safest option when it comes to playground safety. We feel like when it comes to protecting our children while they are playing, our children deserve nothing but the best. 

Around 75% of playground injuries are caused by falls. If your backyard playground or swing set is over dirt, grass, dirt, concrete or asphalt, it’s time to change that. The truth is, you can get cheap playground surfacing that will do the job and protect your children.

Find Soft Playground Surfacing

Good soft surfacing under and around playground equipment doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. However, it will safeguard against serious injuries for both your children and their friends. Even a simple backyard swing needs to have soft playground material under it to prevent injuries if there is a fall.

Whether it’s your home or a public playground, be sure to check the playground surface material first, before you let your children play. The playground surface material should either be a permanent rubber mat or a loose material such as wood chips or sand. By the way, engineered wood fibers and permanent rubber mat surfacing are the only soft playground materials that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

You also need to check if there is enough coverage. The surface should extend at least 6 feet out from all of the playground equipment. Keep in mind, slides and swings need more coverage; this will depend on their height, so look up the requirements with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to determine exactly how much surface material your playground needs.

Condition and Lifespan of the playground surfacing material

Also, check to make sure the surface is in good condition. If the playground surfacing is made of loose materials, look around the heavily used areas, such as under the swings and at the end of the slides to make sure the material is at least 12 inches deep. Also, check permanent rubber mats for holes and worn spots. If a public playground doesn’t measure up, take your children somewhere else, and let the organization that manages the playground know that the surfacing needs attention.

If your own backyard playground fails the test, then it’s time to get some cheap playground surfacing to make it safer. Wood chips and sand are relatively inexpensive, and can potentially save you thousands of dollars in emergency room visits. You owe your children a safe environment to play, learn and grow

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