When you send your kids outside to play, they’re confined to your yard (if you have one) and the street – which, depending on your neighborhood traffic, isn’t the safest spot to play. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a third option – a fun, safe place, where kids are free to run, play, and be noisy?

The Playground

In addition to giving your kids an outdoor space, a well-maintained playground can directly influence the state of the community.

A neighborhood with a playground will attract young families. More foot traffic opens up business and advertising opportunities. Property values will increase.

Playgrounds serve as a free gathering place for kids of all ages, fostering social and physical development as children interact. Playgrounds offer controlled anarchy; the ability to cut loose, run around, and let imagination take over. 

At Sof’Fall we talk a lot about playground safety and soft playground surfacing. We sometimes forget that a lot of people don’t even have a playground nearby.

There are even playgrounds for teens and adults, with all the same perks. They can become booming social hubs, an attractive feature of the neighborhood. With all of these benefits, remember that the best thing about the playground isn’t the soft playground surfacing or the big fancy slide. It is that kids have somewhere they can be outside and play.

Health Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to kids playing outside. High calorie intakes and sedentary lifestyles mean widespread obesity among people of all ages. We need more physical activity. We need to go outside, and soak up the sun, and get our bodies moving.

A playground gives people a free outdoor destination – the perfect place to get moving and engage in heart-healthy fun.

Playground Safety

Playgrounds are wonderful, no doubt about it. But you also can’t help but wonder: is the playground in my community safe?

No playground is 100% injury-proof. Kids still trip and fall. But, there are things you can look for when you bring your kids to a new playground.

Safe Playground Surfacing

What is the playground floor made of? Is it concrete? Gravel? Wood chips? Rubber?

Safe playground surfacing is the most important part of playground safety, due in large part to the aforementioned tripping and falling. If the playground is simply atop a concrete slab, it’ll be much less safe than a playground with wood chips or recycled rubber floors.

The floor is the foundation of the playground. While kids can choose between swings, climbing, jumping, and crawling activities, all of them inevitably interact with the ground without even thinking about it. Therefore, good surfacing is the backbone of playground safety.

Playground Maintenance

Proper maintenance is another safety priority. Playground equipment has to be able to withstand daily use. A well-maintained playground can prevent accidents and harm.

Additionally, active playground care will discourage vandals and other unsavory juvenile behavior.

At then end of the day it is obvious that community playgrounds have a lot of advantages. They:

  • Encourage kids to socialize and be imaginative.
  • Provide an outlet for physical activity,
  • Which, in turn, fights obesity and promotes healthy living.
  • Become popular neighborhood fixtures for people of all ages.
  • Increase property values and community wellness

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