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When Noah’s not polishing up on his math skills, he’s out on the playground leaping swing-sets in a single bound. Luckily, he has Sof’Fall Engineered Wood Fiber to catch him when he falls. With up to 25’ of fall protection, Noah can leap and fly to his heart’s content. Whatever he dreams up, we’ll be there to cushion the fall.

Sof’Fall Overview

Sof’Fall is an engineered wood fiber surfacing designed specifically for play areas. The wood fiber creates a loose fill surface that “knits” together to form a stable and accessible surface for all children. At 25′ fall height protection, Sof’Fall provides the highest fall protection of any play surface.

We not only provide the best wood fiber surface materials but all of the support, warranties, instructions and accessories to make sure your Sof’Fall installation lasts. Some things shouldn’t ever be mixed and that includes your playground surfacing materials. Keep your warranty, licensing, certification and your “Play Promise Warranty” by making sure you top-off your play areas with Sof’Fall. We provide regular notifications and reminders to check the depth of the play area and top-off as needed.

Perfect for playgrounds that require the highest rating for protective surfacing:


Fall protection up to 25 feet.


10-Year Warranty


10 Million in Liability Insurance


ADA accessible


IPEMA Certified


Exceeds typical playground safety requirements


Non-toxic virgin wood


Low Maintenance


Cost Effective


Natural looking



Sof’Fall is the natural choice for limiting playground injuries.

According to the Federation of America, “Protective surfacing is the most critical safety factor on playgrounds because approximately 75% of all injuries are caused by falls.” Sof’Fall Engineered Wood Fiber is the most economical and safe product on the market today. With proper installation it also meets the criteria for ADA accessible areas.

Sof’Fall seeks to educate playground planners, providers, and consumers about protective-surfacing safety issues. Sof’Fall is a member of the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA). Sof’Fall management is certified with the National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI).

We've been catching children when they fall for over 27 Years

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Sof’Fall FAQs

Why should I choose Sof’Fall over the other engineered wood fiber products?

Because of the Sof’Fall Guarantee, Warranty, and our IPEMA Certification

How can Sof’Fall be nonflammable if it isn’t chemically treated?

Beneath the surface layer of Sof’Fall there is no room for oxygen to fuel a fire.

Can Sof’Fall be installed over a hard surface?

Yes, as long as it adheres to the requirements of ASTM F2075, F1292, F1951, which if installed properly Sof’Fall does.

Why do we need to have at least 8-12 inches of Sof’Fall in our playground?

The depth of Sof’Fall needs to be at the recommended 8 or 12 inch depth for a 8 or 12 foot fall height, to be compliant with the ASTM 1292-04 Standard and to validate the “Sof’Fall Limited Warranty”.

Why is a top off necessary?

Without the recommended depth, Sof’ Fall may not have enough cushion to prevent injuries. CPSC recommends 8’-12” depth to help prevent injuries.

Why should I use Sof’Fall wood for my playground?

Sof’Fall Engineered-Wood-Fiber is the best choice for safety, budget, and accessibility.

How is Sof’Fall delivered?

Sof’Fall is shipped on a walking floor semi-trailer that can be up to 70 feet long.

How can I purchase Sof’Fall?

Sof’Fall may be purchased through your local representative. If you do not know who your local representative is, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-523-8690 or 1-801-523-2452.

Is drainage necessary?

Drainage may be needed depending on your area, it is very important to make sure there is a way to drain excess moisture away from the play area. Consult your landscape architect for specific drainage requirements, if any.


“I am so impressed with Sof’Fall, when I step on it I can feel the cushion it has to protect my children.”.

Kyle P.

Spanish Fork, Utah

Sof’Fall Material Calculation

The amount of Sof’Fall Engineered Wood Fiber necessary to provide the approximate depth after compaction is as follows:








Per 1,000 sq ft

Per 1,000 sq ft

Per 1,000 sq ft

Per 1,000 sq ft

Per 1,000 sq ft


33 cubic yards

37 cubic yards

41 cubic yards

45 cubic yards

50 cubic yards

Sof’Fall Documentation

Learn all the details about play area surface installation, specifications, Sof’Mat surface mats and adhesives, geotextile fabric barriers, warranty information and more by downloading our documentation here. Click on one of the following to download.

Product Specifications Download (1.3 MB)

Installation Instructions Download (337 KB)

Sof-Fall Accessories Download (455 KB)

Limited 10-yr. Warranty Download (58 KB)

Sof-Fall Owners Manual (784 KB)

We've been catching children when they fall for over 27 Years

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