Summer is here! For most of us with kids, that strikes a little fear in the heart of every parent—what do we fill our children’s time up NOW? Idle time for children is not necessarily good for them; finding ways to incorporate play and physical activity throughout a sunny summer day will help you all make the best of your time together.

“Studies have shown that even a simple 45-minute trip to the park every week can have lasting effects on a child”s development, mood, learning abilities and more. ” 

We believe it is very important to get our kids outside. Here are some solid reasons why you need to take advantage of the wonderful weather and start exploring local parks in your area:

Providing a safe place for our children to play is one of our top priorities at Sof’Fall. 

Playing at the park stimulates gross motor skills development

Nearly every piece of playground equipment is beneficial to the development of gross motor skills in children. Spinning and swinging activities aid in the development of vestibular movement, while other playground equipment promotes balance and a sense of spatial development that they will need as they mature. Thanks to more rigorous standards of park safety, new playground equipment is easier and safer to use than ever before. It is still recommended, however, that parents keep a watchful eye on children when engaged in play.

Outdoor Activity increases the academic ability to learn

Believe it or not, playgrounds improve your child’s academic performance in school! Strengthening core muscles, arm and finger strength, and other postural muscles helps children to maintain proper posture when completing schoolwork. In addition, proper development of the vestibular system helps a child to maintain attention, focus, and to support emotional regulation needed for navigating a school environment. These early experiences of touch, movement, and visual stimulation all work in tandem to set your child up for academic success.

Physical Recreation Increases Primary Mental Fortitude

A strong body and a strong mind are interconnected; they fuel and drive each other to improve. Kids who play on playground equipment improve all aspects of physical fitness including core strength, arm and leg strength and even grip strength. Most renovated parks now offer an improved soft playground surface so that children can play on structures with less anxiety and fear of falling. Establishing physical activity as part of a well rounded childhood improves mental health by stimulating the release of endorphins, those feel good hormones associated with mental balance and good mental health. It is obvious with benefits like that that exercise is good for our children.

Playgrounds connect kids to the outdoors

Encouraging outdoor play helps connects kids to nature and fosters a love for the outdoors. It’s good for kids to get dirty! Discovering plants, bugs, and all intricacies that nature brings opens up a whole new world of scientific discovery that fosters creativity and curiosity. The next time your kid comes in from the park covered in mud and other unmentionables, celebrate the learning that they just engaged in, and help to continue to develop a love of learning.


Salt Lake City is a veritable treasure trove of picnic areas, parks, and recreational areas that promise fun for the whole family; kids can play, parents can lounge and picnic, and you can create memories that last well into the winter months. Contact your local Salt Lake City chamber of commerce to find out what wonderful outdoor resources await you and your children. Have a great time this summer!

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