You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of children. They need to be able to run and play in order to help with their physical and social development. That is why safe playground surfacing is provided by Sof’Fall.

The Making of a new playground surface

For more than 27 years Sof’Fall has been making it safe forĀ  playgrounds to host neighborhood children. Sof’Fall is always there it catch your kids when they fall (literally).

“Sof’Fall wood fiber to create surfacing that is soft enough to prevent major injuries when children fall, which is the cause of a reported 75% of playground accidents.

The surface of each playground is simply loose fiber pieces knitted together. This makes them durable enough to withstand the physical stress of children playing. The padding can be installed in order to cover the hard surface of a playground. The recommended padding thickness for playgrounds is either eight or 12 inches. In some cases, a top-off may be necessary in order to ensure the padding is sufficient.

Sof’Fall Engineered wood surface is the safest option for your child to play on. Cement, sand, wood, and concrete are simply not good enough when it comes to our children’s safety on playgrounds.

Every installation Sof’Fall performs is designed to change the overall safety of the country’s playgrounds. Part of the reason why the company’s product is so durable is that they issue reminders to playground owners to test the thickness of the padding.

Safety Compliance

The way in which Sof’Fall installs playground flooring means that any park using it is in compliance with the ADA. This opens these playgrounds up to any and all children that want to use them. As a result, parks are becoming more family-friendly. Children of all ages are safe when this company’s playground flooring is used.

The typical requirements for playground safety are exceeded when Sof’Fall provides safe playground surfacing. They use non-flammable and non-toxic wood to keep children safe. Children can fall from as high as 25 feet and have their fall padded by this product. No other company in the industry can make this claim. In fact, the surfacing is even IPEMA certified. In addition, its non-flammable quality is due to a lack of available space between the bottom layer of the padding and the ground under it. This prevents oxygen from seeping under the surface and starting a fire.

Product Upkeep Is Easy

City managers are increasingly turning to this product for the safety it provides. Not only does it look completely natural, but the padding is also low maintenance and cost-effective. The biggest maintenance issue with this padding is that it sometimes has to be drained if it is being used in an area that sees a heavy amount of snow or rainfall. A landscaping architect can always help playground operators determine the requirements for proper drainage.

Any playground operator that is not currently using Sof’Fall padding is missing out on a golden opportunity. It is an effective way of making playgrounds safe for every child, every time. Parents and caretakers can have the peace of mind in knowing their children are protected while they play.


We've been catching children when they fall for over 27 Years

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