Making sure children get plenty of outdoor activity is crucial for their healthy development. Playgrounds can be great places for a family outing, but parents should be aware of various safety hazards that may exist. Here are some tips to help you watch out for unsafe playground equipment so that you can keep your family safe.

“With a little bit of forethought and an easy inspection we can find out if where our children play is safe or not.”

First, check each park you visit for outdated or damaged equipment. While many parks follow Salt Lake City Playground regulations, some may require crucial maintenance to ensure safety. Older playgrounds with metal play structures may have rust or pieces of bent metal. A projecting piece of metal can be especially dangerous at the top of a slide. A child’s clothing could become caught when they attempt to go down

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Check for outdated, damaged, or unsafe equipment

If the playground equipment is made out of wood may have splinters or cracks. You should also check to make sure climbing areas have appropriate fencing to reduce the risk of falls. Swings should be located at a safe distance away from climbing equipment or other playground attractions so that distracted children are not accidentally hit by another child at play.

Look out for unexpected hazards

Even parks that comply with all existing Salt Lake City playground regulations can sometimes pose dangers. Before letting your children play freely, check the area for any debris that could be hazardous. Broken glass or bits of metal could cause cuts if a child falls while playing. On bright summer days, make sure the surface temperature of the equipment is not hot enough to cause burns. It is especially important to check metal play structures, particularly slides, ladders, and railings, as these can become extremely hot in the summer months.

the importance of soft playground surfacing

Choose a park for your children that has a soft surface around the play area. Asphalt and concrete are too hard to absorb the shock of a child’s fall. Gravel can also cause injuries and a mulch surface can lead to painful splinters. Soft playground surfacing prevents injury and is necessary for a safe park.

Find an age appropriate playground


Some parks that are perfectly safe for older children can be dangerous for younger ones. Toddlers may not be able to safely climb equipment intended for older children, and they might be accidentally injured by an older child engaged in boisterous outdoor play. Salt Lake City has some parks that are designed for young children and toddlers. These can be excellent places to help children develop their confidence and gross motor skills without excessive risk.

Fortunately, the issue of playground safety has reached public consciousness. Communities like Salt Lake City are working with park planners and government officials to make sure children have safe places to play and grow. There is no need to keep your children inside in order to ensure their well-being. With care and supervision, you and your family can make sure that your playground outings are safe and filled with happy memories.

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