Your children need exercise, and autumn is still a great time for getting outside. When you are visiting your favorite playground, you will want to keep your children warm and safe. Here are some tips for enjoying a park throughout the autumn season.

Tip 1: Understand the Weather Conditions

Before leaving home, you should make sure to understand the weather conditions so that your children are dressed appropriately for the trip to the park. Layering is always a great option, so you can have your children wear sweaters or jackets over a T-shirt. If it is really cold, then bundle your children up in a winter coat, hat and gloves.

Tip 2: Look For Safe Playground Material underneath the Equipment

Children need to be playing outdoors. Just because it gets a little bit colder doesn’t mean that our children should stop benefitting from playing outside.

Choose a playground that has soft playground surfacing that can prevent an injury during a fall from the monkey bars or while running on the surface. In addition, the material should permit the proper drainage of rainwater or snowmelt so that there are no slippery puddles underneath the swings or the jungle gyms.

Tip 3: Watch Your Children Carefully

It is essential to watch your children carefully at a playground to notice any problems that can occur. Some of the issues that can happen include older children bullying younger children or having strangers in the area who don’t have children. For optimal playground safety, remain alert and walk around while your children are playing to avoid any problems, such as a kidnapping.

“The important thing is that we find ways for our children to be outside no matter what the weather is like. When the weather is poor, we will need to find creative solutions to help them be active and stay healthy.”

Tip 4: Unusual Dangers While At a Playground

Check your child’s clothing for any problems that can occur while playing on the equipment. Your child’s garments shouldn’t have any dangling strings that can become caught on the components of the playground equipment because it can lead to a choking hazard or other type of issue that can cause a serious injury.

Tip 5: Check the Playground Area for Broken Glass or Sharp Objects

If there are trees around the playground, then the falling leaves may cover the safe playground material. This may seem okay, but it is possible that there is broken glass or other sharp objects underneath the leaves. When you are preparing to visit the park, bring along a broom to sweep away the tree leaves to find any potential dangers.

Tip 6: Watch for Dropping Temperatures during the Autumn

Remain alert about the changes of temperature during the autumn. If the temperature drops, then the moisture on the soft playground surfacing may begin to freeze, making it difficult to walk and play on. This is when it is time to go home to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and chocolate chip cookies with your children

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