Whether you’re a parent concerned about where you take your children to play or a business owner looking to build a new playground, the most important thing to consider during children’s playtime is their safety.

“The Federation of America reports that approximately 75% of all playground injuries are caused by falls, making the surface material of a playground the most important factor in making playgrounds safe”

Because the point of children’s playground equipment is to provide a thrilling experience where children can run and play in ways not easy or possible elsewhere, and because children often enjoy this equipment while running around with others, there is an increased risk of injury.

Sof’Fall Engineered wood surface is the safest solution when it comes to to playground surfacing. Playground surfaces are the most responsible area for injury.

There are several different options to consider when picking the surface material for your playground. To help make the decision of picking soft playground surfacing an easy one, read on for information about the different types of playground surfaces.

Playground Surface options

The options available for playground surfaces include everything from cement, dirt and sand to different types of rubber and wood chips. First and foremost, cement is the least safe option among these listed. Not only is cement a hard surface that can cause scrapes, cuts, bruises and broken bones, but it will crack and shift over time, becoming less safe and requiring constant maintenance.


Dirt is a better option from a softness standpoint, as it provides a little bit of bounce upon impact, however it is very prone to wear, tear and the need for maintenance when subjected to heavy use and the different weather conditions typical of any playground. A simple rain storm can cause dirt to shift and harden upon drying, creating an uneven surface and trip hazard. Sand is similar to dirt in that it can shift and harden over time to create tripping hazards, but it can also be especially difficult to navigate for anyone with mobility challenges. 

“Sand can attract unwanted guests to the playground area, such as stray cats looking for a litter box or bugs looking for a new home.”


Rubber surfaces come in a variety of options, though they are typically the most costly of the soft playground surfacing. While rubber surfaces can be durable and long-lasting, they may not have enough bounce in them to prevent harsh falls and can cause painful burns and scrapes similar to concrete if a child skids across them. Rubber playground surfaces can also absorb the heat from the sun, making them very hot to the touch.

Wood Chips

Wood chips, however, are among the safest options available for playground surfaces. In particular, specialty products like Sof’Fall wood chips are designed specifically for safety and use in playgrounds. The looseness of these engineered wood fiber chips prevents scrapes and burns and adds an increased level of bounce for falls up to 25’ high. Overall, Sof’Fall playground wood chips are a cost-effective and low-maintenance surface that can help drastically increase the safety of a Salt Lake City play area. When taking your child to a playground or designing one yourself, you can’t go wrong with Sof’Fall wood chips

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