Sand has long been a playground staple, but it’s not the safest or smartest material for a play environment. Sof’Fall crushed wood fibers form a stable surface that welcomes all kids to run, jump, swing, and tumble safely. There are many qualities that boost Sof’Fall above a basic sand surface. These features make all the difference when designing a reliable and economical playground that’s fun for everyone.

When it comes to building parks in Salt Lake City, Utah there are number of factors that need to be considered especially when dealing with something like the surfacing which is such a big part of the park’s safety.

“Fiscal responsibility is only one of the many factors that matters to [us] when it comes to building new parks… Indeed, our number one priority is making sure our playgrounds and all areas of our parks are safe for our children.”

New technology has allowed Sof’Fall to build the safest option for your children to play on. With all that is out there we can no longer settle for sub-par surfacing.


It’s important for Salt Lake City playgrounds to be places where all kids can enjoy themselves. Children who use wheelchairs, walkers, and canes must expend a lot of effort to move through sand. They might be exhausted and frustrated before they even reach the play equipment. When installed correctly, Sof’Fall wood chips provide a sturdy surface that meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards. 


Safety is a priority for Sof’Fall, which is certified with the NPSI (National Playground Safety Institute). The greatest danger to kids on Salt Lake City playground equipment is falling. Falls account for 75% of playground injuries, so soft playground surfaces are essential. A Sof’Fall surface goes above and beyond playground safety requirements, cushioning falls from up to a height of 25 feet.

Sof’Fall chips are made in the USA from non-toxic, non-flammable virgin wood. Unlike recycled wood, it is not treated with chemicals. 

Kids can get rowdy, and no one wants sand in their eyes. Fortunately, fibrous Sof’Fall wood chips don’t hurt when thrown. They have been cured in a kiln, which makes them softer and helps them retain moisture.

Sof’Fall Inc. is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association, an organization that promotes safety in play environments.


The biggest complaint about sand is the mess. Sand conceals trash easily. Dogs and cats treat it as a litter box. Its tiny grains get inside clothes and shoes, ending up all over the car and the house. 

A Sof’Fall playground is cleaner, and it will typically have a drainage system to siphon off extra moisture.


Sand is easily blown around by the wind. It gets mixed up with dirt and other foreign objects, creating an unattractive play zone. Sof’Fall is composed of virgin wood fibers that look natural in any Salt Lake City play environment.


Sof’Fall chips are the key component to low maintenance, soft playground surfaces that won’t strain the budget. As a surface material, Sof’Fall allows more room for the best Salt Lake City playground equipment, with less upkeep than a sand playground. 

Sof’Fall carries $10 million in liability insurance. Their comprehensive Play Protection Plan is one of the best in the business; they boast a 10 year warranty and world class customer service

We've been catching children when they fall for over 27 Years

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