Playgrounds are an important part of the landscape of preschools and elementary schools. It is important that the playground surface be chosen to help lessen injuries while playing. In the past, we relied on grassy surfaces to do this, but they wear out. Sand gets in shoes and clothes and is uncomfortable and messy. Sof’Bounce is a safe playground material that allows for lots of physical activity. 

“It’s been said that the work of children is to play. Playing builds both physical strength and self confidence.”  

On the playground kids test the limits of their physical abilities by climbing, swinging, jumping and falling. Having a safe surface under foot for those activities prevents both minor injuries such as scrapes and major injuries like broken bones. Sof’Bounce is an ideal surface for playgrounds, parks and landscapes.

Sof’Bounce is made of 100% recycled materials. It is both safe for your children and safe the enviorment. We’d say that is a true win-win.

Made of recycled Materials

Sof’Bounce is engineered rubber surfacing made from recycled tires. There is a choice of five colors and all are colorfast and 99.9 percent metal free. One notable feature of the product is the resiliency and protection Sof’Bounce offers when kids fall or jump onto it. As a playground surface it cushions falls of up to 13 feet.

Sof’Bounce is an environmentally sound choice because it keeps old tires out of the landfills while offering long lasting protection for children. This dust-free, colorfast material has a fifty year warranty. It meets Federal safety standards for playground and recreation surfaces as well.

Schools, recreation centers and city parks can be confident that Sof’Bounce will hold up to their need for safe playground material. The rubber that Sof’Bounce is made from is processed from recycled tires. In addition to being a cushion for falls, it has many other uses in the landscape such as mulch for gardens.

Made of Non-Toxic Materials

Sof’Bounce is non-toxic. It is dust free and does not cause splinters. This non-abrasive material will not cause scrapes and other injuries, but will cushion children when they fall accidentally or purposely jump from equipment. It is comfortable to walk on and is not a slipping hazard when it is wet.

Extremely Safe Playground Surfacing

Sof’Bounce offers many advantages for playground and park surfaces. It helps prevent the unwanted growth of weeds, yet it is air and water permeable when used as landscape mulch. It keeps parks and playgrounds attractive as well as safe. The material is shipped directly to locations where it can be easily spread to specifications of a certified engineer or a landscape architect. When installed to standards specifications Sof’Bounce protects from a fall of up to 13 feet.

“Sof’Bounce is a long term investment in public spaces like playgrounds and gardens. In addition to the fifty year warranty, purchasers can also be confident about the longevity of this ground cover.”

Used as mulch or a play surface Sof’Bounce will not rot or deteriorate into the ground. It does not blow in the wind as sand does but stays where it is placed.

Choose Sof’Bounce for peace of mind when it comes to the environment and to the grounds where it is used. Active children sometimes fall. Count on Sof’Bounce to help them get right back up and go on to continue all the exploring of their day. Communities who want to provide safe play surfaces that last will choose Sof’Bounce

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