Sof’Fall wood fiber is not hard and rough like most wood fibers, this product is a soft playground material that acts more a rubber. When kids play, they jump on and off playground equipment and this wood fiber provides a soft surface for tiny feel to land. 

Parents want their kids to play without having to worry and they appreciate our Sof’Fall guarantee that their kids can play on surfaces that won’t injure their children’s feet and legs. Our concept of 25 feet of soft playground material has proven enormous fall protection over the years, and we want to make people aware of many other ways our soft surface protection can be applied

“Sof’Fall playground wood chips are too dynamic to only use as a soft playground surface. With a little imagination Sof’Fall can bring their magic to all kinds of outdoor facilities.”

Sof’Fall can be used for a more hygienic solution at zoos that is also easier to maintain.

Other uses for Sof’fall wood fibers

We don’t want to exclude people with mobility issues, do we? Parks and recreational areas covered in our product can give them easy access to events. People who need wheelchairs can move freely without the added stress of dodging pitfalls, mud, or rooted places. Those using crutches also like not having to fight obstacles.

Hiking Trails

Our wood fiber product is organic and safe for parks and recreational areas to use. A product that provides soft footing and fall protection will make hiking more fun and with a rubber feel under the feet, Sof’Fall wood fibers won’t place stress on a hiker’s joints. A comfortable surface is an added benefit to any hiker because it allows their minds to wander so they can enjoy the nature trails and sites around them with the freedom of not having to worry about tripping over stones and roots on the ground.

Flower Bedding

Who doesn’t love a beautiful flower garden and manicured landscape? Like we said above, Sof’Fall wood fibers are organic and safe for the environment. They can also replace the mulch people use in their gardening it’s more durable than pine straw. 

Stables, corals, and animal pens

Pet and livestock care are high priorities for people. Pets are like family members and we want their surroundings to be injury-free zones as much as our children’s playground areas. Livestock is another topic. Racehorses, prized cattle, pigs and other show animals make people money, so of course, the owners would want their feet and legs protected so they can profit from their good health. 

“Let’s not limit all the benefits of Sof’Fall to our children. If you’re impressed with what Sof’Fall does for your children why not extend those benefits to the animals in our lives”

Veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and zoos that will love this product. It’s durable, nontoxic and easy to maintain. Our wood fiber products will work for their needs much better than dirt, gravel and other traditionally used methods.

An example of this is when exhibits require areas for large animals to give birth, hay is usually used to cushion the baby’s birth, but Sof’Fall wood fibers can add extra cushion to guarantee a safe arrival and serve for a cleaner birth. 

We've been catching children when they fall for over 27 Years

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