Because Sof’Fall crushed wood surfacing is manufactured from new wood, you can be sure that it is virtually free of any toxic substances. Recycled wood products, derived from used pieces of pressure-treated wood, chemical-soaked pallets and other undesirable wood, cannot claim to be free of toxic substances. – Poisoned Playgrounds – Arsenic in Pressure Treated Wood.

“Virtually all of the lumber sold for outdoor uses in the United States is pressure-treated, a misleading term that hides the fact that the wood is injected with vast amounts of toxic compounds to preserve the wood and kill termites.”

An article published by the Environmental Working Group, titled “Poisoned Playgrounds” states that wood on picnic tables and on equipment and playground surfaces may contain hazardous levels of arsenic.

CONSUMER BEWARE: Non-Sof’Fall wood mixed with non-toxic virgin wood of Sof’Fall Engineered wood surface can void your “Play Protection Plan” warranty.

“Each year, an estimated 2,300 children under age five go to hospital emergency rooms with poisoning-related injuries.” Substances in “petroleum distillates are a group of hydro-carbon-based chemicals refined from crude oil. They include gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits, maptha, paraffin wax, and tar. They are the primary ingredient in many products, solvents, adhesives, and automotive chemicals. Aspiration of even small amounts of these substances into the lungs can cause asthma, pneumonia, pulmonary damage, and death.” In these cases, “most children had primarily poisoning-related injuries and were exposed to these products through inhalation ingestion, or eye or skin contact.” (Consumer Product Safety Review, Vol 1 No. 4, Reducing Poisonings to Children).

Non-Toxic Virgin Wood

Often the question arises, “Is Sof’Fall a recycled product?” The answer is, No… and Yes! Sof’Fall engineered wood fiber is a by-product of virgin wood derived from a variety of rough cut wood species prior to being cured (kiln dried*). Before Sof’Fall is delivered to a playground site, it undergoes a seven-step manufacturing process. It is interesting to note that prior to the manufacturing of this wood by-product, it was considered waste and disposed of.

Although Sof’Fall is not a derivative of previously used wood, it makes good environmental sense and is the safest protective surfacing on the market.

“The fact that wood is an environmentally friendly product is undeniably important to an increasing number of consumers. There is a growing appreciation for what engineered wood is doing for people and forest alike.” (Evergreen Magazine, Dec-1996, pg. 12, Engineered Wood: Improving on Nature).

*Kiln dried or cured wood means the moisture has been removed prior to manufacturing plywood, pallets and 2×4’s. Because virgin wood retains moisture content, it is softer and more user friendly.

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