“Brain breaks” are the best things that a person can have when they are studying. This is especially true for children. If you coop a child up in a classroom for a whole day without giving them “brain breaks,” they may not process information as well as they should.

“Some people mistakenly think that you “have to” lock yourself in a room for 6 or 8 hours to rigorously study. However, doing so without breaks may result in slowed focus and diminishing returns.”

If we force children to study and be in school without having outside play breaks, they might sustain damage to their psyches that affects their academic performances. Outside play helps to combat issues such as depression and anxiety, while being cooped up in a classroom without any breaks might exacerbate those issues. In fact, playing outside can help increase children’s creativity and ability to learn.

Sof’Fall works hard to make sure that your children have a safe place to play. Playground safety is important because getting outside and playing is so important for our children’s learning. 

Playing Outside can help you learn 

You can also look at things from the angle that the human body is built to be physically active. Generally, not getting enough exercise and fresh air can hurt a person’s mind and body. A child who is not active may show symptoms that are akin to ADD or ADHD.

Outside play is also important because of the fact that it allows a certain level of creativity that cannot completely flourish in the classroom. This is because things are generally less structured when children play outside. They are able to talk and run around as much as they want without someone telling them to be quiet. Creativity is also boosted by the element of the outdoors—something that feels completely different when compared to highly structured, indoor settings.

Finding A Good Place To Play

A safe playground made with soft playground material can further boost the stimulation that children receive from outside play. Playing in a safe playground helps to enhance children’s imaginations. Safe playground equipment includes different variations of swings, monkey bars and slides. Many playgrounds are covered with soft playground material that children can fall on without getting hurt.

When playing outside, children are exposed to nature and the outdoors. The things that they are exposed to in the natural world gives them more knowledge that they can draw from when they are studying.

There are various studies that have shown the benefits of children playing outside and getting physical exercise. One study in 2014 showed that children who are more physically fit have more white matter than children who are not.

“The more stimulation and variation children’s brains get, the better!”

Going between sitting down in a classroom and running around outside is a great way for children to receive the correct amounts of brain stimulation to properly develop. Also, many experts out there say that people are wired to enjoy being outdoors. So, putting this element into children’s lives each and every day is surely beneficial to their overall well-being.

In a child’s spare time away from school, playing outside is also very important. Outside of school, a child has more time to be free and to be with a wider variety of people. Being outside of school has its own dynamic to it that is different from being in school. So, playing in nature outside of school feels different and is stimulating in its own way.

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