While many parents are becoming more and more wary of the outdoor world, experts are saying that this is leading children to have developmental problems. In Salt Lake City and around the world the number of children spending hours with their bodies glued to their chairs and their eyes to their screen is growing, and this is not something positive.

Together with the spread of the internet has come to a slew of problems. Many pediatricians today are seeing more cases of children falling off their chairs, now not being able to hold pencils, and not being able to process emotions properly.

Those are all issues, they are saying, that might have been averted via allowing our youngsters extra time to be playing outdoors daily.

It is recommended that toddlers ages one to four should be outside and exercising for at least three hours a day. However, recess is seemingly being shortened all over the states, further lessening the exposure that children get to the outdoors. While this might be being replaced by class time, not everyone agrees that this should be happening. In a collaborative study conducted by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology‘s experts and the obesity specialists at Ottawa’s Children’s Hospital, they have shown that while the majority of time that kids spend is on screens right now, to ensure developmental success, parents need to start stressing the importance of playing outside to their children.

Sof’Fall Engineered wood surface is one of the top rated playground flooring materials. Having Sof’Fall wood chips can transform a dangerous playground into a place your child can play and imagine in safety. One of the biggest steps to helping kids get outside more is helping parents know that the spaces their kids are playing in will catch them when they fall.


This conversation is no longer happening in the volumes that it needs to, and this is causing children to avoid playing outside. It is suggested that parents immediately change the way they are permitting their children to spend their time if they would like to make sure they have the best chance at health in the future. One of the ways that many parents restrict their child’s development is by keeping them strapped down for too long. Many parents allow their babies to sit in a car seat, bed, or other stationary bed for too long. It is recommended that your baby should be having at least thirty minutes of “tummy time” if they cannot yet crawl.


For older children, you may find they enjoy time on a playground. However, not every parent has the opportunity to take their child to Salt Lake City playgrounds every day. This means that you may want to invest in playgrounds for your children. This way, they could have a hand in deciding which design of the playgrounds they may enjoy. Make sure, though, that you purchase one with enough activities to keep your children interested for a longer period. After your child picks one out, you also need to consider the location of the play place. Even if you may have an area that is covered in grass, if you have a younger child, covering the ground in mulch may ease some of your worries if they were to jump down. 

Children need to learn to climb, be active, and how to steady themselves, but many parents are too worried about them hurting themselves. Having a soft playground material to play on can help ease the parents fear and the child’s fall.

Finding ways to get outside

While the world is getting more online, and more threatening, parents are hurting their children by shutting them away. When they are allowed to explore their interests unburdened, however, they prosper. Making sure that your children are safe should be your priority, so while they need to be climbing and breathing fresh air, make sure they are safer by providing a comfortable place to land.

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