Exercise is extremely important for keeping kids happy and healthy. Exercise helps strengthen bones, keep hearts pumping strong and can improve your child’s self-esteem. One of the best ways to encourage your child to exercise is to head to a nearby playground and get in on the fun. These five playground games are perfect for the entire family.

“All of these games have their different variations and go by different names but the important is that they are fun! More important than that, is they’re also safe.”

Even if you have a playground or park close to your home you may get there and wonder how you are going to entertain your kids. If kids don’t have fun while outdoors, they aren’t going to want to spend time there. We hope that our ideas can help you have fun with your kids and even help come up with new games to play as well. 

When kids get suffiecient time outdoors to play, create, and exersise it benefits nearly every department of their physical and nuerological development in a positive manner. 

Horse (or any other word you want to Spell)

To play horse, all you need is a basketball, one of the many playgrounds in Utah with a basketball court and your family. Each player takes a shot from wherever on the court they would like. If they make it, the next person in line must take a shot from the same spot. If they make it, the play goes on to the next player; if they miss, they get a letter “H.” Play continues until someone spells “Horse.” This same pattern can be followed for any word and like all games contains its own variations in rules. 

Doggy, Doggy, Where’s your bone?

An object, such as a stick, shoe, or even a plastic dog bone, is all that is needed to play this game. To begin, one person is chosen as “it.” This player places the object on the ground and turns around. One of the other players takes the object and hides it behind his or her back. The player that is “it” must then turn around and guess who took the object. If he or she guesses correctly, the “it” player must try to tag the person who stole the object. The running and trying not to get tagged is great exercise for your kid.

Treasure Hunt

This game takes a little bit of planning, but seeing your children work together to figure out the clues will be worth the work. To play, find several age-appropriate objects to hide, paper bags for the objects and papers with clues written on them to help the children find the missing objects. Hide the bags and give out the clues. It’s important that the playground has a soft surface for this game as children will get excited and begin running. Playground safety helps ensure everyone has a fun time until the treasure is found at last.

Monkey in the middle

Grab a soft playground ball and find an open area to play this game. To begin, have all of the players stand in a circle. Choose one person to be the “monkey.” The monkey stands in the middle of the circle and attempts to get the ball as the other players roll it on the ground or toss it above his or her head. Once the “monkey” gets the ball, he or she trades places with the last one to throw it. Kids all over Salt Lake City love this game because of fun and ever changing aspect of the game.

Obstacle courses 

A little competition makes playground games fun for young and old alike. Set up an obstacle course, which may include running and touching a tree, sliding down a slide or climbing stairs. Set a timer and allow the family to compete against each other to determine who can beat the course fastest.

No matter which game you choose, remember to wear sunscreen and bring plenty of water and a healthy snack. There are many playgrounds in Utah to choose from for your day of play, however, it’s also important to pay attention to the playground that you choose. Playgrounds should have soft surfacing to help protect your child should they fall. It’s also a good idea to check over the structure for any loose bolts or sharp edges to ensure playground safety before playing as a family.

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